Two apples a day increase life and rejuvenate

The apple has been famous since ancient times for healing and has been prescribed to heart and kidney patients.

Is it accidental that the apple participates in the legend of Adam, Eve and the creation of the world? Hardly… There is nothing accidental about this world!

This wonderful and juicy fruit has been famous since ancient times for healing and has been prescribed to heart and kidney patients. It was thought to be a miracle cure for coughing, anemia, and nervous system problems. Ancient healers have prepared various potions from bark and apple seeds that have served as a remedy for various diseases.

Nowadays, scientists already know about all of its qualities, but the best thing is that it’s already seen not only as a medicine, but as a food with excellent qualities and prophylactic properties. Recent studies of modern science have shown that if you eat two apples per day, your life will be extended by 10 to 17 years. Regular consumption of apples helps to extend the length of human life and rejuvenate the body.

Scientists have found in apples a complex element that has the unique ability to positively influence the cardiovascular system by maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels. During the study, it was found that in people who regularly consume apples, the process of curing the walls of the blood vessels is drastically reduced compared to those who do not. It is this hardening process that is at the root of the causes of heart disease, heart attack or stroke.

Antioxidants have been found in apples in quantities no other food can contain. This also greatly reduces the risk of malignancies in people who regularly consume apples. Another fact that scientists have proved in recent years is that regular use of apples and apple juice prevents the destruction of brain cells, which is causing memory loss with age.

In addition to the rejuvenating effect on the human organism, the apple is a fruit of exceptional taste and aroma. It is included in the first fruit juices that are given to the little baby and it takes them well. Eating an apple when we are tired and thirsty is doing miracles. It is not accidental that the fetus is included in all overweight diets. There is no fat in the apple, there are very few calories and so it is very suitable for any diets. In addition, the large amount of fiber contained in it helps to clear the colon under a stomach, a problem that accompanies most diets.

Apples supply the body and the micronutrient pine that is not found in many foods. It helps absorb calcium from the body and protects the body from osteoporosis. This is especially important for women after 40 years of age when the risk of osteoporosis is significantly increased.

Apple is a miracle of nature, which, in constant consumption, can not only protect us, but also largely overcome the most common diseases of our time – colds, overwork, stress, depression, heart disease, etc. If we eat apples, we will stay looking and feeling younger.

It’s good to eat them fresh, because then the content of the valuable items is bigger. At the end of winter they are already decreasing, but this can be compensated for instead of two apples, we eat 3-4 a day.

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