Hypochondria – a disease of over-awareness

Having a constantly compulsive feeling of being sick with some illness, even when you are completely healthy is called hypochondria. A modern disease like no other.

There are many people who, despite being totally healthy, have a constantly compulsive feeling of being sick with some illness. In many cases, they seek information from everywhere and recognize different symptoms of diseases in their organism by being convinced of their credibility. Medicine calls this phenomenon hypochondria.

According to modern medicine, hypochondria is a disease on a mental basis. Hypochondria sufferers strongly believe they are ill, despite all the studies and examinations by doctors who testify to the contrary.

When having hypochondria, the patient experiences a paranoid fear of their own health. In most cases, it’s about young, intelligent people who do their best to live healthily, monitor their vital signs, hire surveys, and even interpret the results, searching for information on the Internet. Any slight abnormality, which may even be on a psychic basis, causes them to go crazy and seek medical attention. Often reading on the internet the symptoms of illness and hearing other people’s comments about their illnesses, they immediately recognize them as their own. These people are in a vicious circle because the more they read about how to be healthy and protect themselves from disease, the more they suggest they have the symptoms of different diseases. These are people who live in a constant fear of all the diseases they have heard or read somewhere.

They become victims of the so-called Internet-treatment, which is a new phenomenon of our time. You run any search engine symptom on the Internet and it immediately takes a variety of horrific diseases. You just can not help wondering if you’re really sick of any of them. The point is that people prone to hypochondria are obsessed with the thought of constantly searching for symptoms and then associating them with severe illnesses. In some cases, however frightened the man is, reaching the doctor’s office, and after the review has shown that he is healthy, everything passes for at least some time. In other cases, people with hypochondria are against the doctors and have no confidence in them. No matter how much they convince their physician that they are healthy, they are constantly looking for another opinion, as if they really want someone to confirm that they are sick. This leads to a continuous hangover in front of offices and hospitals, and in fact it directly ruins their lives.

Anyone who, for one reason or another, has been the victim of such a feeling must stop and think … There is no illness that manifests itself with only one symptom. We should not look for information about every little thing in our body on the Internet. There, in most cases, the information is quite exaggerated, and on the forums, it is possible to get a bigger hypochondriac than ourselves or a person with a very low medical culture to mislead us.

Mistrust of doctors is another mistake. It is normal if you have any doubts that something is wrong with your health, to do full research. It is also normal to seek a second opinion. But once two doctors say you have no illness – STOP.

Think of it, you may suffer from this very disease – hypochondria. And for him, only a psychiatrist can help you, or at first you can help yourself.

It is important that every person is aware of this disease, because in the modern world of stress, but also of a lot of information, more and more people become unconsciously sacrificed to it.

It is very scary if the hypochondria is transferred to children and their health. There are mothers who are literally obsessed with the child and what they touch, what they accept, when, why they constantly think about how their child is sick or will get sick of something. They live in constant stress and fear that their child will get sick of something. Every illness they hear, they already recognize it in her child. They take the kid to doctors, they run all sorts of laboratory tests. If they hear a mother telling her that they have discovered a disease for her child, they are already convinced that their mother suffers from the same. In such cases, the victim of hypochondria is not only mothers, but also children, because they spend a great deal of time in the doctor’s office, and all the studies are just bullying for them.

Apart from the harsh suggestion that we are sick, hypochondria may have another form. It’s the fear of going to a doctor because he can find us some illness. The fear of a possible illness or diagnosis that a physician can detect and put causes these people to experience panic fear of examinations and research. In this scenario, they even ignore really serious symptoms and downplay them in their psyche.

The reasons for the hypochondria are different. Sometimes it depends on a typical emotion or type of nervous system. Hypochondria is a mental illness like paranoia. An unlocking factor can be a severe illness of a close person or colleague whom the hypochondriac has witnessed. Sometimes the reason can also be the sense of inferiority and this is the way to attract the attention of others. Another reason may be the ambition of some people, their pursuit of absolute perfection, including in the care of health.

Hypochondria is a disease of consciousness and is treatable. If we or our relatives show similar tendencies, it is best to seek help from a psychiatrist.

Everyone should take care of and be afraid at times of their health. However, this fear should not be allowed to become paranoid or phobic. We must realize that we can not predict and prevent all possible diseases. At the same time, the stress that we instil all our negative thoughts can do much more harm to us. We must not allow ourselves to go either at one end or the other. Let us reasonably try to judge things and throw away from our minds compulsive thoughts about diseases and symptoms. Let us always distract our attention with something that we love when we start to harass doubts and unpleasant thoughts about diseases. Let’s learn not to reel in such moments.

Anti-stress techniques yoga and meditation also help with the hypochondria. Sports also helps. The so-called “Hormones of joy” – dopamine and serotonin, which neutralize the fear of disease.

Watch positively about everything around you, enjoy the little things and try to think positively and feel happy. Then gradually you will get rid of this modern disease – hypochondria.

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